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The Story of Sweet HereAfter

Sweet HereAfter was birthed from my passion for baking with fresh ingredients, seasonal fruits, and the best vanilla and other flavors to create amazing desserts for my family and friends.  I started baking pound cakes over 20 years ago and after failing over and over again, I finally mastered the texture, taste, and consistency of a moist delicious product.

I didn't stop there...I bought fresh coconuts and cracked them open for the meat and milk for my coconut cakes, made my caramel icing from cooking brown sugar and heavy whipping cream, real vanilla bean pods for my vanilla bean cake, fresh strawberries for my strawberry cake, lemons, blueberries, and other seasonal fruit to create new and amazing flavors for sweets. 

Baking Ingredients Blue.png

Casandra Bell

In June of 2020, I made the leap of adding custom cookies to my list of delectable desserts.  It has been a wonderful journey and the most exciting part of my baking history.  It is artistry and time-consuming but worth every bit of it to produce not only an aesthetically beautiful product but one that tastes amazing.  I offer more than 10 flavors of my sugar cookies with more flavors in development.  

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What People Are Saying About Us

Chase Bank Cookies .jpg

Narkieta, Chase Bank

Thanks, Sweet HereAfter for helping show my appreciation to my team during Employee Appreciation Week!!! 

Int-rim Healthcare.jpg

Ronda, Int-rim Healthcare

I just want to thank Sweet HereAfter for the beautiful and delicious cookies she made for our 1-year anniversary celebration. Our care professionals, office staff, and guests loved them.  She took her time to make each cookie special and it made quite an impression on everyone who received one. Plus they tasted delicious. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much, Cassandra. Your cookies made our celebration extra special!

Chirstmas Cookies.jpg


Love, love, LOVE my Christmas cookies and Hot Chocolate Bombs made with Ghirardelli chocolate, marshmallows, and peppermint chips 😋  by Sweet HereAfter. They are too pretty to eat 😍. 

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